About us

We are focused on deploying apt business intelligence and digital facilities to streamline business processes for improved performance, interconnectivity, optimum goal attainment and enhanced benefits from the globally digitalized business world. This is aimed at providing unique and high quality services that are carefully crafted and provided with passion and devotion.

We are a growing business poised to providing executive-level business management, business process re-engineering, enterprise architecture, accounting and financial management, business performance management, data protection, information systems management and consulting services.

We use digital tools to provide quality advisory services, trainings, facilitations and one-on-one (personalized) support to both existing and onboarding Enterprises and businesses, on how to build digitalized and experience-driven businesses and share relevant strategies towards promoting digital transformation and business excellence.
We enable businesses discover what they need to thrive in the experience economy and share strategies and relevant skills that enable Enterprises build delightful customer experiences that are at scale with consistent, contextual and predictive customer experiences across channels. Hence, enabling more unified customer engagement strategy, other than soloed supports. 

About Us​

Stephen Alaekwe & Co is a Federal Government of Nigerian Licensed Data Protection Compliance Organization (DPCO), under the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and Nigeria Data Protection Bureau (NDPB),  in accordance with the provision of Article 1(3j) of the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (NDPR), for the purpose of training, auditing, consulting and rendering services aimed at ensuring compliance with the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) or any foreign Data Protection law or regulation having effect in Nigeria.

 Stephen Alaekwe & Co is a forward-looking Nigerian firm, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, under the Company and Allied Matters Act, 1990 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. A firm with the strategic disposition and drive to providing value driven services in business development, accounting, process management, financial and information systems management and assurance services, with a sustained passion to contribute in enhancing the digital transformation of small/middle market and corporate organizations with big dreams.

We are a unique blend of an accounting/financial management consulting firm, information systems consultants, and a Federal Government of Nigerian Licensed Data Protection Compliance Organization (DPCO). The synergies of these complementary and collaborative expertise have been brought together and merged to form the basis of our guiding principles, methodologies, analytical approach, apt business services and value-based solutions for businesses with the right strategic disposition that are forward-looking. There has been an ever increasing digital transformation and technological advancement, world-over, especially, in the wake of the new normal, the holistic approach is the key that Stephen Alaekwe & Co can provide, to help unlock the needed synergies in organizations.

As a broad-based firm with focus on excellent service delivery, Stephen Alaekwe & Co is a composite of a Think-Tank-Team of Professionals in Accounting; Business Development and Management; Financial and Information Systems Management and Assurance services; Data protection and Advisory Services; Training and Facilitation; Project implementation road-mapping; financial advisory; business modelling; viability studies and reporting, for wide array of MSMEs, Growing Businesses, Corporate organizations, Multi-nationals, Institutions of Government and Commercial organizations.

Our Mission

To provide value-driven business development, financial management, data protection compliance services, information systems management, financial and information systems assurance services and excellent facilitation, using an optimal mix of skilled professionals; seamless processes; and appropriate technology, for improved productivity and effectiveness.

Our Vision

To be a premier enabler of Enterprise synergy through data protection compliance services, strategic business modelling, value-driven financial and information systems consulting and assurance services, for enhanced business performance and organic growth.

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Our Clients:

We innovate and validate what we do by thinking “outside the box”.  We look for creative, yet reasonable, approaches toward a solution and testing each solution from multiple perspectives, ensuring that the solution is the best fit for our clients.

We adapt to our ever changing environment—transforming to meet new challenges.  We anticipate change to stay ahead of its tide, and manage change to not be left in its wake.

Knowledge is valueless without the “know-how” to apply it.  We capture our know-how by adapting and refining our methodologies based on best practices and real-world experience.  Our ability to plan, execute, and deliver results is key to enabling our clients’ success. 

Our strength:

We recognize each person as an individual and that they bring unique aspects to our team.  We work to maintain a harmonious work environment that embraces the diversity that each person brings to our team. 

The synergy of our strengths provides higher value service to our clients than each of us alone. Through teamwork we mitigate each other’s weaknesses and enable all involved to achieve more than they would alone.  We partner with our clients to enable client-specific solutions that provide strategic advantage.

We strive for a high level of quality and continuously seek to improve what we do and how we do it.  Our products and services are of no less than the best of our individual and collective ability. 

Our Team:

Integrity is the foundation of our credibility as consultants.  We take ownership of all that we do and say.  We base our opinions and actions on sound principles and reliable research.  We embrace ethical business and personal conduct and expect our clients’ conduct to also be ethically sound.

All of our values work together through an association based on trust.  We trust each other to act in accordance with our values.  This trust enables us to strive for achievement, knowing that the firm, our colleagues, and our clients will support us in getting there and help us learn from our mistakes.

Knowledge is dynamic and it must be applied to provide value.  We strive to continuously validate what we know and discover what we don’t know.  We share our knowledge amongst ourselves and with our clients, to foster knowledge growth and professional development for all involved.