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Data Protection Compliance Services & Privacy Management Solutions

  • Data Controller and Processor Service Definition and Training
  • Data protection Gap assessment and analysis
  • Development and review of the Privacy management system and Data Protection implementation framework
  • Review of Information Systems Risk Management practices
  • Data protection and privacy management remediation support services
  • Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice Development and Review
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Training and Continuous awareness on Data Protection and Privacy Practices
  • Data Protection and Privacy management Training/Capacity Building
  • Data Protection Officer Training
  • Outsourced Data Protection Officer Service

Data Protection, IS Audit & Consulting

Data Protection Audit & Assurance Services

  • Data Protection and Privacy Audit
  • Information Systems Audit scoping and execution
  • Assessment of Data Security compliance status
  • Review of Data Privacy management and Compliance status
  • Data Governance compliance status
  • Information Systems Risk assessment
  • Assessment and reporting on Information Systems Policies and procedures
  • Data Protection and Privacy Audit reporting and DPCO verification
  • Rendition of periodic Audit and Compliance reports to critical stakeholders (NITDA)
  • Ensure timely delivery of Compliance status reports by relevant Consultants.

Data Protection Consulting and Outsourced Data Protection Services

  • Provision of in-house Data Protection expertise services
  • Competent advisory services on Data protection and privacy management practices
  • Continuous Data Protection Officer Support Services
  • Implementation of Organizational information security system
  • Provision of necessary support to Organizations’ IT Team for enhanced security and sustained operations
  • Implement measures to enhance the continuous Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information and forestall data breaches

Data Protection Training and Facilitation Programmes

  • Nigeria Data Protection Regulation Framework (NDPR – F)
  • Data Protection and Privacy Masterclass for service-based Organizations (DPPM- S)
  • Data Protection and Privacy Masterclass for product-based Organizations (DPPM- P)
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) Essentials (DPO – E) Training
  • Data Subject Rights (DSR) Training
  • Data Protection Compliance Audits (DPCA) Training
  • International Data Transfers Identification & Mapping Course